We have made some changes to our site. So many of our pieces are "One of a kind" and it is hard to keep our site current.
In order to provide you with pictures of the most recent designs, please email us or call us and we will send you a link to view what we have available. email us at: beth@valcolbert.com
For examples of the different designs we make please click on the collections above.

Our collection includes many rare and striking antique buttons and buckles. Many are from the early 19th century and have incredibly interesting histories. 

Many of our most recent additions come from the time of Queen Victoria of England after her husband, Prince Albert, died in 1861.  The Queen went into mourning when he died and dressed only in black.  She had her dressmakers design buttons in coordinated dark colors and, of course, the English Court then followed her lead.  We have buttons from that time period and have made them into beautiful bracelets.

Later, in 1880, French designers began to design women's evening clothes with large, beautiful button closures.  Many are made with semi-precious stones and mother of pearl.  We have turned these into necklaces and bracelets with beautiful sterling silver clasps and freshwater pearls.  Most of the buttons were bench made and they are all "one of a kind".