We have made some changes to our site. So many of our pieces are "One of a kind" and it is hard to keep our site current.
In order to provide you with pictures of the most recent designs, please email us or call us and we will send you a link to view what we have available. email us at: beth@valcolbert.com
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How Our Jewelry is Made


Val Colbert Button Jewelry goes to extreme measures to ensure the authenticity of our buttons. We purchase them through a variety of sources such as E-bay, second-hand or antique stores, and private collectors.  Our Designer buttons are typically found by purchasing old apparel.  The apparel is then donated to charity.  Our Antique buttons and coins are found here in the United States as well as abroad.  Most of our Antique buttons were originally worn in France and England, and date back as far as 1840. 

We do not make buttons or coins; nor do we copy other designers' jewelry designs.  We create and sell Val Colbert Button Jewelry.



All of our buttons are set in sterling silver.  We have silversmiths in California, Mexico, and Bali.  Once we receive the set buttons, we begin the final design process.



We finish our set buttons with high quality materials.

Our pearls are genuine freshwater pearls to achieve our high quality standards.  The pearls are primarily from China, where they are "grown" in shellfish by irritation caused by inserting fragments of shells.



These beautiful pearls are worn with ease, although avoid contact with perfumes to prevent damage.  To freshen pearls, we recommend using a dampened cloth.  To clean sterling silver components, we recommend using a silver polish with an appropriate cloth.  When wearing your bracelet, please be sure to wear it with the clasp closure to the inside of your wrist (thumb side).  If the clasp closure faces out, the closure can be caught or knocked open when working on surfaces.